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I am a fully certified Behaviourist and Trainer (ISCP.Dip.Canine.Prac). I am also a full professional member of ICAN (International Companion Animal Network).  

I use only positive force-free training methods. 

Using positive reinforcement, having fun, and helping clients deepen their understanding of dog body language, I offer advice and coaching for a number of different behavioural issues such as separation anxiety, resource guarding, barking, and onlead reactivity, to name a few.  

I also have a passion for working with rescue dogs with trauma and helping them discover a more balanced and happy approach to life.  Fear and anxiety can often be the cause of many behavioural issues.

  I believe all dogs are born perfect – the rest is up to us!



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As a fully certified dog behaviourist and trainer, I am here to help if you are struggling with some behavioural issues or training with your dog.  

I use only positive force-free training methods and believe in reward-based training. I will work with you to analyse any behavioural issues that you and your dog may be experiencing and will help to formulate a personal plan with achievable goals for both you and your dog.

I also specialise in helping rescue dogs with issues such as resource guarding, separation anxiety, leash reactivity, barking and fear-based behaviours.

Through spending time with you and your dog, I will help you to explore and examine your dogs' body language and motivations behind their behaviour.

BEHAVIOUR CONSULT: 1-2-1 in your home

Initial phone consult:                  FREE

Follow up 1 hour consultations:   £50 


DOG/PUPPY TRAINING: 1-2-1 in your home

One hour:           £50

Thirty minutes:    £30



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